Ice plant business plan philippines country

Either way, the economics of the investment must be sound so that potential investors are not exposed to unnecessary financial loss due to poor planning; otherwise it can be extremely difficult to finance plant costs without willing investors.

Many such sites, whilst they may be only a short distance from the central fish harbour, can go virtually unused by fishermen because it is not convenient for them or within their normal patterns of operation to visit the location.

An adequate supply of clean water. The Report was used primarily for acquiring a bank loan. It is included in the marketing plan the strategies that you will do in operating the business, the description of your company and how it is different from others.

These are all matters to be considered when investment in ice-making machinery is being considered. The ice trade grew to employee some 90, Americans. Installing multiple ice-making machines also provides a backup system in case of breakdown or servicing requirements of the operating units.

Some companies also offer assistance by giving out some tips for the ice-making business. For normal operations, one machine is used to supply ice for normal demands. Make sure that you consider all the things that have been mentioned above to help you in starting up your own ice business.

He travelled the country getting folks to try ice, giving it away for free and convincing bartenders and shop owners of how good it could be for business. Many commercial ice-plant installations are actually supplied with insulated storage capacity as part of the package, such as that shown in Figure 3.

A nation-wide Survey was undertaken primarily to determine current users, perceptions and growth potentials of the market. Estimating local, non-fishery shoreside ice consumption is perhaps a little more difficult.

Decide on how you fund your business.

Iceman in the Philippines

She was drawing customers faster than my ice business! The following are the things you will need for running the business: In starting up an ice business, it is important to consider several important factors which may affect the way you will do your business.

Ice Making Business

Long story short, by my next visit to the venerable province, I had leased a small storefront along the roadway, purchased a commercial ice maker and water filter, and within a short time was open for business. An adequate supply of clean water. Installations are often built in locations that were considered best from an engineering standpoint, or because the site was cheap or land was deemed suitable by planners with little local knowledge of the site.

This will depend on the size of the community and its infrastructure, such as markets, shops, restaurants and bars. Despite this, it may still be advisable where the local electricity supply is unreliable, to install a stand-by or emergency diesel electric generator set.

The cold truth about the ice business

In some instances, ice plant purchase and installation costs are paid for by international technical assistance projects, and then donated to local organizations when the project ends.

The root cause was probably an incomplete analysis of the requirements in the beginning, and the assumption that if an ice plant were available, even if poorly located, it would attract customers.

A BIG thanks to Monty for sharing this. Estimated development cost of the Project is Php 4.

How to Start an Ice Business

I would be the first to provide bags of clean, clear, cubed ice.Planning considerations for ice plants Planning the requirements. spare parts and service availability in the country; willing investor(s) to finance the costs of purchase and maintenance of the plant. Ice plant output relative to feed water input temperatures.

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A global age in ice. We provide application, capacity, and model selectors as well as plate chillers, and thermal energy storage for various industries. An ice making business is a profitable business venture since ice has variety of usage from preserving the foods and as a refresher during hot weather.

Please help with the business plan for manufacturing ice cubes and blocks!! Nielson Ngo said on March 1, Good day I want to start a an mini ice cube business in the philippines. Can you.

Ice Making Business

The ice block business is a volume business; the more blocks you sell, the more money you make! Ice block businesses that sell large volumes are usually located in areas that have a high population density and experience a lot of physical, economic and business activities.

For others planning a similar ice business, since ice cube machines begin at $3, and small freezers are $, a lower risk alternative might be to set up a few locations selling “ref ice”, using filtered water in sealed bags (from a heat machine) to differentiate from other sellers of “ref ice”.

Sep 19,  · Philippines Low-Risk Investment, Extremely Profitable Very Fast Return On Investment / R.O.I. For more info, please contact: / and look for JAVEN RAIZZA.

Ice plant business plan philippines country
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